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Some people are of the opinion, the best handgun safe you can own is one that has a mechanical locking mechanism. Not high tech, but it should never fail you, considering there are no batteries to go dead or electronics of any kind to malfunction. When all the chips are down you may not find a better defensive safe than TITAN.

This does not mean that all biometric or electronic pistol safes are bad. No, not at all. Many of them are highly recommended here and on many other review type sites. Everyone just needs to understand that any type of electronic or battery powered product can stop working and typically will more often than a purely mechanical device. What you have to do is consider these possibilities and make a decision based on your own situation. Some will opt for a mechanical lock, and others feel the biometric or electronic lock is better in their case.

One of the two main companies that offer mechanical lock pistol and handgun safes is Titan Security Products.

The Titan Gun Vault is only built for one thing: Safely storing your handgun until you need it. It is truly a defensive handgun safe built with 14 GA harden steel, it represent strength of steel 1/4" thick, very strong. If you are looking to lock up other things inside it, well you are out of luck. The manufacturer doesn't recommend you to store other things inside it may hinder its function. But to store a handgun securely, for fast access without extra bells and whistles, this may be the best product out there.

Titan Gun Vault Benefits:

Adjustable Pop Up Holster:
This safe is equipped with an adjustable holster that fits in the safe. When the door is opened, the motion causes the holster to rise up and out the door opening. Not having to reach inside the box to have access to your weapon means no fumbling around at a most critical time. It accommodates both pistols and revolvers not to exceed 10" long. Because of the holster there is no chance of accidental discharge of the firearm when one accesses the safe in stressful situation.

Mounting Options:
It comes with two mounting brackets. One will allow you to mount the Titan gun vault to your bed frame or your car. The other is to mount the vault to a shelf, wall or another flat secure surface.
The Titan gun safe can be removed from the frame and carried wherever you go.
Extra mounting brackets are available so you can put it in a car, camper or any other vehicle. It is also designed with an opening to allow for a cable to be used for attaching to something more security in your hotel room. These different options provide the flexibility needed in a pistol safe.

Ammo Box Option:
In some states you are required to store the pistol and ammunition separately. For around $50 you can buy a separate spring loaded locked box that attaches to the pistol safe for your ammo. This option is unique to the Titan Gun Safe.

Sequential Mechanical Lock:
With over 2,000 possible combinations, it is completely secure in your home.

You will not find a more flexible or reliable handgun safe than TITAN. It is not cheap, but it can be ordered for around $300. And, with all the benefits described here, I believe it is real bargain for the peace of mind you have owning one.

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Customers Reviews

The vault arrived as advertised, and is constructed to prevent unauthorized folks. I mounted mine to the bed railing using your supplied bracket. Instead of using the supplied bolts, I installed the bracket with tamper-proof bolt assemblies (available from Marshall's, San Diego, and others) to discourage an attempt to remove the vault. I am very pleased with the unit; you've designed and manufactured probably the best individual gun safe available on the market. Thanks.

J. Fox

Flower Mound TX, 02/14/2013

The gun safes arrived safely and are truly impressive. Very well constructed and

easy to program. I have had digital and biometric vaults before and had trouble
with all of them. I even had a digital with a backup key and even the key

These are very cool and I love having the gun and mag rise as the lid opens.

And your follow-up and Customer Service are great . . . not too many companies
bother to follow up the way you did.

Thanks - it was a pleasure doing business with you.

David and Lois

Naples, FL;? 05/29/2011

I access my Titan Gun Safe (Model #: AS-2020-02) at least twice per day, and am very happy with its design and performance. It is secure, easy to use, reliable, and provides me with rapid access to my pistol (less than three seconds, even in the dark!). There are no batteries to run down, it provides evidence of tampering by children, and can easily be unlocked from the floor mount when I want to move it to my vehicle (comes with a vehicle dock too). It is easily concealed under a bed due to its low profile, provides convenient side access, and even presents the pistol grip into my hand when I open the vault door. It is an ideal product in every way! I couldn?t be more pleased.

Scott C.


I have a few small vaults and here are the reasons I like the TitanVault the best so far, in order of what I see important:
1. Keeps clip and pistol separate to abide by the laws of CA
2. Thin enough to be mounted to the dash next to my knee (F-350)
3. Clip can be unloaded/loaded with just the door open
4. Batteries don't go dead since there ain't none
NOW for the people that think it takes to long to open, load, aim, shoot, and clean the splatter off your shirt; I think you're thinking backward. The PoePoe don't jump through your window like a car jacker would so the idea would be to keep the Titan open and pistol loaded and put it away when you see pretty flashing lights behind you.
The biggest problem is the PoePoe think we carry guns to shoot them.

Dave D

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