Handgun safes are a crucial aspect of gun ownership and play a vital role in promoting gun safety and security. In the United States, gun ownership...
  • Titan Security Products Inc. Titan Pistol Vault


    Being a small, family-owned business, we offer great attention to detail to each one of our products. Whether customers opt to buy our Titan Pistol Vault or need to get their hands on our Titan Compact Vault, we promise that you’ll get a product that redefines security for you.
    At Titan Vault, we’re all about delivering quality products that feature an ingenious design and promise practicality. Having spent over 27 years as a Senior Design Engineer in security hardware industry, we have mastered the craft of creating products that are safe, secure and provide quick and easy access for owners.
    Titan Vault redefines the shortcomings of the security system, and this is where we stand apart from the usual crowd! Our quick access gun safety technology ensures that you have access to your secure firearm, for spontaneous deployment, and is quick enough to save your life.
    Moreover, our customers can be rest assured that they are making the right choice as our Titan Pistol Vault products are approved by the California Department of Justice.

    Please use discount code TITANFORYOU for additional 10% discount off our website Christmas sales prices.

  • Enhance Safety by Installing A Gun Safe in your Car

    Installing a gun safe in your car and keeping a weapon in it could be an essential part of carrying out  your defense strategy while driving.

    This also depends on the state laws, and if they allow you to carry a gun in the car.


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