• Causes of Firearm Accidents

    Are you concerned about the increasing number of firearm accidents in the US? Read on to learn the most common causes of firearm accidents and how you can prevent these tragedies.
  • Basic Gun Safety Rules

    Want to learn about gun safety? This blog will discuss the six basic gun safety rules, to understand and practice.
  • Firearm Safety Certificate | Study Guide

    Read on to learn why you need to obtain a firearm safety certificate in California and how you can qualify for it.
  • Gun Violence Prevention: A Rundown

    Gun-related violence cases are increasing at an unprecedented pace in California. Read on to learn how safe gun storage can help us stop gun violence.
  • Tips for First Time Gun Owners

    Brought a gun for the first time? Check out these tips to keep your gun and yourself safe!
  • Preventing Unintentional Shootings in California | A Guide

    Read on to learn some quick facts about unintentional shootings and how gun owners can prevent unintentional shootings.
  • Why Californians Continue to Favor Stricter Gun Laws | A Review

    Wondering why California has stricter gun laws than other US states? Read on to learn some important reasons why Californians support stricter gun laws.
  • How to Choose the Combination for a Gun Safe Lock?

    A must-have for gun owners in California, gun safes come in several sizes and are critical for your home safety. A firearm in the hands of your loved one or a potential intruder is certainly the last thing you want to happen.
  • Features of a High-Quality Gun Safe | Capacity, Lock Type, Weight & More!

    Wondering how you can determine the quality of a gun safe to ensure maximum safety of your loved ones? Here’s what to look for when you purchase a gun safe.

  • New Bill Banning Gun Shows at Orange County Fairgrounds: A Rundown

    Read on to learn about the new bill banning gun shows at OC fairgrounds in the state.
  • Gun Safety & Suicide Prevention: A Rundown

    Read on to learn how gun safety is important to prevent suicide and self-harm in the US.

  • Should You Store a Loaded Gun in A Safe?

    Read on to learn if keeping a loaded gun in a gun safe is a good idea or not.

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